Security Strike Plate

Protecting your home and business from break-ins has never been more important as crime continues to grow. While it is important to protect your valuables, it is more important to protect your family from potential crime. There is no such thing as having too much protection when it comes to locks for your doors. By adding extra precautions, like a security strike plate, you can ultimately save money on your homeowner’s insurance. Adding additional locks and security to your home can also provide you with peace of mind so you can rest easy, knowing that the people you love the most are safe. If you want to add extra security measures to your home or office, there has never been a better time to contact our team at Beyond Locks.

How Strike Plates Work

There are a lot of benefits associated with adding strike plates to your security system. Strike plates are often a security measure that goes overlooked because it is a passive security feature, but it can help make it more difficult for your home to be broken into. The mess and stress involved with being a victim of a home break-in can be traumatic and expensive. Adding a strike plate for security can help provide you with the ability to rest easy at night knowing that you are protected. This security feature has the ability to reinforce the extended latch or deadbolt that is on the jamb side of the door. These plates are known to be thicker and larger than traditional plates to provide your home with extra protection.

Top of the Line Protection you can Count on

Strike plates can lessen the gap between the jamb and the door, which makes it harder to spread the jamb, kick the door in, and prying the door open. Attempts to breach the lock will be unsuccessful and be time consuming, which will deter criminals from sticking around. Protecting your family is more important than ever as more neighborhoods are being victimized. There are a few things that you should look into before settling on a security strike plate. You should exam the area of the strike as well as the length of the screws that are used to apply the strike in place. The position and number of screws that are used in the installation process is also another factor to consider before making a final decision regarding a strike plate. The overall length of the strike plate makes the biggest difference in how secure the strike plate is.

Reach out Today for Added Security Measures

If you are in the market for security strike plates that are top of the line, you need to reach out to our team at Beyond Locks. We have the tools and knowledge that is required to properly install quality, state of the art strike plates that can help keep your loved ones safe. We strive to offer the best customer service and care to ensure your safety. Contact us today to learn more detailed information about how we can cater to your needs.