Reinforcing Front Door

Burglaries are quite common. A burglary occurs in the United States about every 18 seconds. This adds up to about 200 burglaries each hour. Contrary to popular belief, most break-ins happen during daylight hours, most likely when people are away at work. Many times, a break-in occurs at the front door. The best way to prevent a burglary is by reinforcing the front door. At Beyond Locks, LLC, we have products that will prevent and deter unwanted people from entering your premises.

What Is a Door Reinforcer?

Our Door Reinforcer is a high-quality product that we designed specifically to keep your home safe from unwanted entry. We make the Door Reinforcer with durable stainless steel that provides the area around the door with added protection against the use of force. Burglars can kick in doors that do not have added protection. You can view our video to see a demonstration of how easy it is to gain entry into your home if your door does not have protection. Reinforcing the front door is easy, affordable, and effective.

Reinforcing the Front Door

The goal of any product is to make unauthorized entry more difficult. Burglars are less likely to continue trying to enter your home if they encounter a problem. They will probably stop trying to gain entry and look for a home that has less protection. Reinforcing the front door won’t stop all burglars, but it will provide a strong deterrent. It is one of the best things you can do to make it harder to enter your home. We thoroughly test our products to ensure that they do the best job of protecting your home and family.

How Does the Door Reinforcer Work?

You install the Door Reinforcer onto the area around the door. We provide two screws that you use to secure the product into the door frame. The most common reason that someone can kick a door in is that it breaks away at the frame. Our product works by reinforcing the front door to keep someone from being able to kick or push the door open. It is extremely effective against all types of pressure. You can view our video that shows the strength of the product when someone tries to force the door open with a battering ram.

About Beyond Locks

We formed Beyond Locks, LLC to bring our customers the best and most secure products that will help keep you and your family safe. We have more than 30 years of experience in the industry, so we know a lot about security. We understand the most vulnerable parts of your home and have created products that address these potential problems. Our products go beyond the current industry standards and are tested to ensure strength and security. In the past, these types of security products were only sold to companies. Now, we offer our products directly to consumers. Contact Beyond Locks, LLC to learn more about our items and to place an order.