Door Security Hook

In a perfect world, every household in the world would have a full-suite security system in place to ward off would-be intruders and keep their homes connected to the local law enforcement in the event of a break-in. However, such measures are not affordable for everyone, so you may need to take matters into your own hands with door locks and technology like a door security hook to make your home safe on your own.

The good news is that all hope is not lost if you can’t afford a complex security system just yet. With that in mind, here are some things that you can do yourself to enhance the security at your home without spending a bundle. Most of these products are available at a local home improvement store or can be purchased online without breaking the bank:

Private Mail Options

Have you ever considered that when you go on vacations, your mailbox may be giving away information about you to potential intruders? You could always have a friend or family member who lives close by go to your house and bring in your mail. Another option would be to get a mailbox that drops mail into your home such as a slot through the front door.

Home Security System Decals

You don’t have to have an expensive security system for would-be home invaders to think you do. You can purchase decal decoys at most home improvement stores or online that indicate your home is protected. Having a decoy out that indicates the home is protected by an electronic security system may be enough to deter many criminals. While you’re out, you may want to purchase a door security hook as well for added security.

Home Automation Features

Many people will tell you that lighting is one of the best ways to keep criminals from invading your home. There’s some truth to this. If you have lights on the exterior of your home, you can deter more potential invaders from entering the home if they think someone is home. However, if your lights are on all the time, then they may just recognize that you’re gone and have your lights on all the time to keep them out.

In either case, having smart technology that controls the lighting at your home allows you to turn the lights on and off on your own schedule, even when you’re miles away or halfway around the world. As you turn the lights on and off on a random schedule, people will be more likely to believe someone is at home and will stay away.

Trim Your Trees and Shrubs

Having trees and shrubs around the house may provide a great way for would-be home invaders to hide or get access to your home without neighbors or law enforcement seeing them. Keep your shrubs and trees trimmed, particularly those that are around windows or doors to your home, to eliminate potential hiding spots.

With additional security features such as a door security hook, you’ll keep your home better protected from criminal activity and will have more peace of mind than ever before. The team at Beyond Locks LLC can help you find the right products for your home security needs.