Door Reinforcer

Home safety is a fundamental aspect of your life, and everything you do for the preservation of your loved ones and your assets counts. Preventing burglaries or break-ins is a primary objective for the well-being of your family.

To avoid intrusions, one of the most relevant access points on your property are the doors. In most cases, thieves make access your property through the main entrance.  Having an entry with a high degree of protection is your first line of defense.

Basic Door Security

There are specific elements that are fundamental to a gateway of homes and businesses. First of all, there is the manufacturing material of the door. In the case of accesses, it is best to replace hollow doors with solid materials such as wood, iron or steel. The second element is the central lock. The use of security locks is recommended for the main door: this way you can make the work of criminals more difficult.

Also, there are other things to consider. The hinges, for example, should be made of a reinforced material, and the fold should go inwards. You can also use other items such as chains or pins. Keep in mind that these security reinforcements are only useful as long as there is someone inside.

Go Beyond: Use a Door Reinforcer!

To maximize access security, you must go further. As security devices development advances, thieves also discover new methods of violating them. That's why to achieve a high level of security; you must be innovative and think outside the box.

One of the best releases for boosting the security of external access is door reinforcers. This element seems simple but adds a significant security coefficient to your property.

First of all, there is the surprise element. Criminals usually hit hard a door on the hardware place (the central lock) to get into a property. This device is installed precisely in that area. This add-on will prevent easy access violation. The criminal will never expect the strength of armor in a conventional door.

Also, these elements are made of stainless steel. This brings two significant advantages: they are durable elements, and they transform a simple door into a tough one. Keep in mind that for the thief time is essential. Any item that delays the entry and exit to a building will contribute to the dismissal of the criminal act.

Finally, using these innovative reinforcements is an excellent price/value option. If you wanted to install a reinforced or armored door, you would have to spend much money. In the case of the reinforcer, you will achieve the security you need by investing less than $35. Nor should you make a significant expense for its installation: just making a pair of holes and using a screwdriver and you will be set.

Are You Ready to Maximize the Safety of Your Property?

Our founder Chuck Regenold brought his 30 successful years of physical security experience to a  new brand: Beyond Locks LLC. Our company's goal is to create innovative devices that go beyond what the security industry has to offer. That's why we manufacture creative devices that optimize your family safety, giving you well-being. Contact us, and get that extra reinforcement for your doors, you will be calm, safe and more than satisfied.