Door Reinforcement Bar

If you are looking for a security company to make you feel more secure. Well. Then we should be on speed dial. Beyond locks offers options that don't require complete safety system overhauls. We specialize in security maintenance. We come to the realization of a sad truth. The world is not as it used to be.
Our world might be filled with ineffable beauty, but at the same time, it can become a cruel and crude place. Therefore we have decided to lend our services and products at a reasonable price.

Beyond locks
We started out as Lockguard. Of which we had many clients, both domestic and small businesses and a few fortune 500 companies. However, thirty years into the industry our founder. Chuck Regenold, changed our company’s name.
Since then we have been known as, Beyond Locks. Now, there’s not much that has changed. We are still the same reputable security company we always were, are and always will be.

Our designs are specifically crafted to address any insecurities within your property or the area which you would want us to secure. We specialize in a unique brand of products. Products that have been tested to provide strength and security to doors and garages. Security that stretches further than the industry standard. Our designs are sent directly to our client companies.

Reinforcement bars

Door reinforcement bars
A door reinforcement bar is a bar that has been crafted to make doors more secure and strength worthy. It is comprised of a metal composite material and or stainless steel. It all depends on your choice of material. Making an addition as such to your door will definitely assist your doors existing durability.

At times these stainless steel bars are called by another name. London bars. This association happens when the bars are fitted on the locking side of a door.

And when these bars are fitted on the hinge side of the door they are called Birmingham bars.
These bars are made to be thick steel which is usually painted white and is fixed at intervals of 300mm. They have been built to spread the force along the length of the frame and as a result, this decreases the chances of the door snapping when an opposing force is applied.

Reinforcement bars do not prevent burglars from burgling your property. It just prolongs the process of them entering your home. Meaning that there is more time for you to call the cops and for them to arrive.

If you are not looking to reinforce your doors, because of reasons such as the costs involved or you maybe have other priorities to deal with first, but take heed. Your security still means a lot to us. We still want to protect your property.
So here we have put together a few tips on how to secure your property.

Firstly. Are your doors secured? An insecure door is a door you do not want. A door that is easy to past or barge down. So secure your door.

1. Reinforce the hinges.
2. Have a deadbolt lock installed (one or two).
3. Make sure your door has reinforced strike plates.
4. Your door should have a deeper strike box.
5. The frame should be reinforced.
6. Your door should have a solid core.