Door Lock Reinforcer

How often have we heard of friends, or fell victim ourselves to the harsh criminal elements that roam our streets? Facing a break-in situation in your home, is an ordeal that everyone wants to avoid. We at Beyond Locks will supply you with the high quality extra security measures that let you sleep more soundly at night.

What makes a door lock reinforcer the best solution for your home
The easiest way for burglars to enter your house is through the front door. Making your front door lock more secure is one of the best investments you as a homeowner can make. Most of the stock doors you get are easily accessible to criminals. Adding a metal door and lock reinforcer will prevent the criminals from breaking the area around your lock. The door and lock reinforcers are made out of different metals the stronger the metal the more force it can absorb.

Investing in the right lock cylinder
Choosing the right lock cylinder will paramount when considering the security you will need. There are a lot of ways that burglars will attempt to bypass your lock cylinder. Some of these will include drilling, picking the lock or bumping. If your door lock doesn’t have anything reinforcing it burglars can penetrate your lock without hassle.
When dealing with high-end door locks you will find that they have a mechanism in place preventing picking of the lock, drilling and bumping. The ideal lock to get in such a scenario is a high-end lock that utilizes security pins and wafers, this will be the best defense against these annoying criminals.

If you want full security you will need to get a door lock that has preventive measures like an anti drill and anti bump features.

Enforce everything
If you are looking for airtight security then you should just reinforce everything. Fortifying the door hinges will make it almost impossible for burglars to bump the door if used with a door lock reinforcer. You get two types of door hinges namely the inward and outward facing door hinges. The inward facing door hinges have much more resistance against attacks. So if you have an outward facing door hinge it is best to change it to an inward facing one.

We here at Beyond Locks pride ourselves on keeping you and your family safe. This is not something we take lightly. In the past, these hardware products were only available for commercial use but we are all about change that is why we have developed and adopted it to cater for everyday homes who needs it the most. The next time a burglar tries to invade your home he will be caught off guard with the type of defense your door lock has. Your loved ones should come first and you should not compromise on their safety. As soon as possible upgrade your Door Locks because you never know who might be lurking and waiting for an opportunity to seize your most prized possessions.