Deadbolt Lock Reinforcement

Deadbolt lock reinforcement

Being a family man I consider my loved ones and their safety my top priority. With our crime statistics looking worse and worse every year it is time that you do something, or take precautions in the prevention of crime in your household. We at Beyond Locks have been thinking about all the problems our people have and how to combat it. In this article, we will look at a way to secure your door against unwanted elements looking to exploit weak surroundings in your home.

Essentials about door security locks
As part of my preparation for this article, I had a look at how tough normal doors are. People will not believe how easily accessible these doors are. With as little as 2-3 kicks I was able to break open a door in 5sec and as a result, I gained access to the house. This was just a demonstration of how easy it is for the criminals to gain access to your house.

The only way to increase your safety and peace of mind is to upgrade your deadbolt and lockset plates of all your exterior doors or point of entries surrounding your house. This may sound like a huge undertaking but we here at Beyond Locks has everything covered to keep you safe at night. In a survey done by the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION, it showed that 65 % of break-ins happen when the front door, back or garage service door gets forced in.

We are all about helping our customers and bringing you hardware that is better than the industry standards. These hardware has only been offered to companies and the direct public have been kept out of the loop. We at Beyond Locks are here to change all of this. You secure your exterior doors in 3 simple steps, here is how.

Examine all your doors
Always look out for a Grade 1 or Grade 2 deadbolt with a sturdy 1-in. long throw bolt. If your door only has a simple lock you could be in trouble as a screwdriver or any other capable tool can easily bow the doorjamb to release the latch and gain entry.
First, check your existing deadbolt and make sure the screws are tight. When you open the door and the throw bolt extends less than 1in. Or it is not stable then replacing it will also make your door more secure.

Following this, you should check both strike plates and the doorjamb. Remove all the screws from the deadbolt and plates. If the screws are not 3in. consider replacing them and the plates for more peace of mind.

We take care of our customers this is why your safety is paramount to the way we think. Keeping you out of harm's way makes us sleep better at night. All the deadbolts and strike plates can be found at our stand. Don’t hesitate when it comes to putting your family first. Visit Beyond Locks today.