Additional Door Security

If you need additional door security, Beyond Locks has what you need. Whether you're looking into strengthening your door, your door's hardware, or a combination of both, we can help you better protect your family and home with reinforcement bars, security hooks, and a wide variety of products to keep intruders out.

Deadbolt Lock Reinforcement

Make sure your home is a Tough House with state-of-the-art products from Beyond Locks made exclusively by the Tough House company. We'll help protect the people and possessions you value most with one of the highest-quality product lines in the industry. Browse Tough House security line for a deadbolt lock reinforcement.

Door Kick Protection

You'll find quality door kick protection online at Beyond Locks. Our Tough House product line includes a number of products that offer additional security to your home, such as deadbolt reinforcements, striker plates, security hooks, and other quality products to add strength to hardware and doors.

Door Lock Reinforcer

Shop online at Beyond Locks for a door lock reinforcer that will keep your family safe at night. Locking your door is not enough to keep all intruders out- Tough House makes a door lock reinforcer that adds strength to your door and makes it very difficult to kick your door on. See our complete line of Tough House products on Beyond Locks.

Door Reinforcement Bar

Purchase a high-quality door reinforcement bar from Beyond Locks and sleep better at night. The Door Reinforcer adds strength to your door with a simple two-hole installation. It costs so little to protect your family and your possessions with our Door reinforcement bar- take a closer look at its benefits on our website.

Door Reinforcer

You'll find a high-quality door reinforcer online at Beyond Locks that will strengthen your door and increase security in your home or business. The Tough House Door Reinforcer is a two-hole installation that will offer additional protection to your family and possessions- it can even be used in your place of business.

Door Security Hook

Add a Tough House door security hook to your home or business' door to increase your door's hardware strength and sleep better at night. We are proud to carry a terrific selection of Tough House security products, including reinforcement bars, security hooks, deadbolts, shields, and more. Check out our inventory on Beyond Locks.

Front Door Reinforcement

If you need front door reinforcement to protect your family and possessions, consider our inventory at Beyond Locks. We carry Tough House products, including reinforcement bars, security hooks, shields, deadbolts, strikes, and many additional items to keep intruders outside where they belong. Browse our inventory of quality security products for the best prices.

Heavy Duty Strike Plates

Beyond Locks makes it tough to get into homes with an innovative line of products called Tough House. We proudly carry heavy duty strike plates, reinforcing bars, deadbolts, security hooks, and many other products as well- all with the prime goal of protecting your loved ones and possessions- at a very affordable cost.

Reinforced Door Locks

Reinforced door locks are tough to break into. If your home's front door is not protected with additional security features, such as security hooks, reinforcement bars, striker plates, and deadbolts, intruders may have an easy time getting in. Browse our inventory for the best home protection on the market.

Reinforcing A Deadbolt

Reinforcing a deadbolt is easier than you think when you use the innovative products on Beyond Locks. A deadbolt lock is not as secure as when you add our security hook as a reinforcement. Our products are affordable and they'll provide exceptional peace of mind by keeping intruders from entering your home.

Reinforcing A Garage Door

Beyond Locks makes reinforcing a garage door affordable and easy. Protect your tools from theft with one of our reinforcement products, like a security strike, bar, or hook that will make it much more difficult for someone to break in and steal what's yours. Check out the full Beyond Locks inventory on our website.

Reinforcing Front Door

When reinforcing a front door, choose Beyond Locks for high-quality, innovative products that make it extremely difficult for someone to break in. We'll help you protect your family and valuables with a range of products designed for exceptional reinforcement to your door's existing hardware or building's structure.

Securing A Garage Door

When securing a garage door, the hardware you choose will make all the difference in the results you experience. protect your home and possessions with Beyond Locks' security products and significantly reduce the likelihood of a break-in. Our security strikes, bars, hooks, and other products are affordable peace of mind.

Security Strike Plate

Make sure intruders can't get in with a security strike plate to protect your home, your family, and your valuables. Beyond Locks manufactures high-quality, durable security products that do a better job of keeping you safe. See our entire selection of products when you browse our inventory online at Beyond Locks.